Please note that there are two available suspension options:

1) Full Recurring Cost Suspension -price plan $ + system access/911 (if applicable) + any chargeable features (This option was used)

  - Disables the line until you are ready to activate it again.

  - The minutes included in the price plan continue to be contributed to the shared pool (if applicable) for others to use for the duration of suspension at the regular monthly cost for the line.

  - The monthly cost can be reduced to the cost of the price plan by removing any chargeable features.  However, if features removed are expired (no longer offered), they can no longer be added back upon restoral of the line, unless the features are written into your corporate agreement.  Please reply back if you wish to remove any feature.




2) Reduced Cost Suspension-$15.00 + 911 fees (if applicable)

  - Suspension is outside of the minute pool (if applicable) for the monthly rate of $15.00 for a maximum of 6 months.

  - The contract end date (if applicable) and Hardware Upgrade date will be extended for the amount of time the line is suspended for.


If you would prefer to utilize the $15.00 suspension option please let us know and we would be happy to assist.