What can you do with the PTT Dispatch Console?

• Make PTT calls to one contact, selected contacts or all contacts with the

push of a button

• Send instant personal alerts to team members and receive updates back

from the field

• Scan and monitor up to 16 PTT groups at one time and set listening

priority for up to 3 of these groups with Talkgroup Scanning

• Record PTT calls and replay them for tracking and training purposes

• Map the location of mobile PTT users3

• Make a one-way broadcast call to up to 499 PTT users for high priority


• Takeover the call any time during an ongoing group call, even when

someone else is speaking with Supervisory Override

• View the presence status for all contacts

• Log recent activity including alerts and PTT calls

• Move sections of the console for multi-screen viewing

How can the PTT Dispatch Console benefit
your business?

• Gain greater visibility and control of daily operations with powerful
managerial tools like Talkgroup Scanning
• Enhance the effi ciency of your PTT communication system with powerful
administrator tools
• Reroute your fl eet with real-time traffi c status and ensure deliveries are
completed on time
• Provide customers with more accurate arrival and departure times
• Connect with your team instantly when you need to respond quickly to
emergencies or urgent customer requests