Launching later this fall: Dual SIM Dual Standby is a feature available on iPhones Xr, Xs and Xs Max (not available on previous models: iPhone 8, X, etc.). ‘Dual SIM Dual Standby’ gives the user the convenience of having two phone numbers on a single iPhone. The phone numbers can be on the same BAN, on different BANs, or from different carriers (for example, one line from Bell and one line from Virgin).

Apple has announced that ‘Dual SIM Dual Standby’ support will be available via a free software update coming later this fall. The user must update their iPhone software in order to have access to this functionality on their eligible device. Bell is able to support this functionality through the ability to activate eSIMs. The device will have two SIM cards (1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM) and two IMEIs.

NumberShare is not available between the two lines (physical SIM and eSIM) because NumberShare is only from a smartphone to a smart accessory like a smartwatch. However, both phone lines (physical SIM and eSIM) can NumberShare with a compatible Apple Watch.

Activating either line (SIM and eSIM) will be considered an AGA. A HUG can occur on the physical SIM, but not the eSIM. BYOD smartphone plans will be available for second line activations, voice only or voice & data. For Corporate accounts, the eSIM can be activated as a corporate or personal account. Hardware upgrades can be done on the primary/ physical SIM on the device. Since there is no subsidy with the second line/eSIM, an upgrade is not possible. Any existing BYOD plan can be transferred to this device.

Direct channels can only activate an eSIM on a BYOD plan. Therefore, Direct Channels cannot sell an iPhone Xr, Xs or Xs Max and activate an eSIM during the same transaction. This applies to F2F reps as well, through the e-Ordering tool (CASO). See the “How it works” tab for examples.

How usage is rated:

  • Voice, messaging, and text usage are rated according to the rate plan of the SIM (phone number) used for each activity. When placing a call or sending a text, the user will have the option to select which SIM/line to use for each call and message.
  • The user must choose data from one of the SIMS/lines. The user has the ability to toggle between SIMs/lines to use data from by going into the device Settings > Cellular Data. 
    • For example, during work hours, the user uses data from their “Work” number but after work they go into their Settings > Cellular Data and switch their data source to their “Personal” number.
    • Data from both SIMs/lines cannot be used at the same time.