Key Features


Mandatory and lockable MDM enrollment
  • iOS devices can be preconfigured to require automatic enrollment into MDM, ensuring all devices are configured to the organization's IT requirements out of the box


Device Management
  • iOS devices can be wirelessly supervised allowing for device and feature specific configurations and restrictions (i.e. Turning off iMessage or AirDrop, web content filtering and single-app mode)


Zero-touch configuration for IT
  • Seamless large-scale deployment of iPad's and iPhone's without the need for IT to physically access each device to complete setup


Streamlined setup
  • IT pre-configures devices through Apple's management solution and users are guided through the activation process on their device with the built-in Setup Assistant (screens asking for Apple ID, passwords and terms of service can be skipped)


Apple DEP effectively addresses several common business challenges enterprise customers face, including:
  • Configuration: IT administrators can configure IT policies and provision a large-scale Apple deployment over the air with no physical intervention required
  • Security and Control: IT administrators will have increased control, security, & ease of device deployment for Apple devices
  • Deployment time: reduces lead time to get an active device into the hands of the corporate end user




  • Must be an Apple device ordered from Bell after March 1, 2011 (iPhone 4s or later and iPads activated with a Bell SIM)
  • Any device purchased from Apple directly would need to be enrolled by Apple
  • Existing Apple devices already linked to an MDM service will need to be backed up and a factory reset (device wipe) must be performed in order to benefit from Apple DEP features. Only once the factory reset has been performed by the end user can Bell enroll the device in Apple DEP
Apple Device Back-up and Factory Reset Process:
  • Device is backed up via iTunes or iCloud.
  • User apps and data is backed up on hard drive or in the cloud
  • Bell can then enroll the device(s) in DEP
  • End user can now restore the device again using iTunes/iCloud
  • Email and PIM data will be hosted on the employer’s Corporate server (Exchange or Lotus Notes) and this data will be restored once the device’s corporate profile is set


iOS7 or greater

Apple Registration

  • Customer must apply/obtain a DEP Customer ID from Apple via (Apple may take up to 14 business days to issue)
  • Bell Dealer/F2F rep must provide the Dealer/Bell Reseller ID to the customer applying for a DEP customer ID
  • Customer must provide Bell Dealer/F2F rep the Apple issued DEP Customer ID in order for DEP enrollments to be completed
MDM Provider
  • Customer must have an existing MDM provider (i.e. Airwatch, SOTI, BES, etc.) and the applicable MDM server address to link DEP virtual servers to their MDM servers