1)  What does a customer require in order to enroll their Bell devices in Apple DEP?

  • A DEP Customer ID  - They can apply for one via Apple website:
  • The Apple registration process requires a DUNS Number in order to apply for a DEP Customer ID.  What if a customer does not have a DUNS number?  à The customer can apply for a DUNS Number at
  • Does the Apple registration process require a credit card number to be provided? No credit card is required.
  • Bell’s Reseller ID (provided to them by the Bell sales agent) or the Dealer’s Reseller ID (provided to them by their Dealer agent)
  • The customer must whitelist the Bell Reseller ID/Dealer’s Reseller ID in the Apple Deployment Program website  (Apple DEP portal)
  • The customer must have an Apple DEP compatible mobile device management (MDM) provider (ie: Airwatch, BES12, MobileIron etc...)
  • The customer must have the applicable MDM server address to link DEP virtual servers to their MDM server. à This information can be provided by the MDM provider.

2)   Can a customer enroll Apple devices purchased through other Carriers through Bell DEP? 

  • No.  Bell can only enroll Apple devices purchased through Bell after March 1st, 2011 (iPhone4s or later).  For devices purchased directly from Apple, the customer will need to enroll those devices through Apple.

3)  Is there a fee to enroll devices in Apple DEP?  Yes, there is a $20 one- time fee per device enrollment.  The Apple DEP SOC must be added in fastACT after the enrollment is completed.

4) How does a customer search for a device that has been enrolled in Apple DEP?

  • A customer can visit the Apple Deployment Program website  (Apple DEP portal)  and search by Apple Serial Number or by the Order Number.  The Order Number is provided by Bell and begins with WAC_xxxx. 

5)  If a customer has replaced their device at the Apple store after being enrolled in Apple DEP by Bell, will the replaced device be automatically enrolled in DEP again?

Replacement devices will auto enroll into DEP if both:

  • The original device was previously enrolled
  • Service completed and closed by an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) or Apple Store via GSX

If original device was not previously enrolled into DEP:

  • Reseller must first enroll the original
  • Replacement will auto enroll into DEP within 24hrs after an AASP closes the service order in GSX.

6) What happens in the event that an end user is already using an existing Apple device with a MDM solution and at a later date the organization wants to enroll their device in Apple DEP?

The Apple DEP enrollment by Bell or a Bell Dealer can be done at any time, however, in order for existing Apple devices already linked to an MDM service to take advantage of Apple DEP benefits (ie: IT policies or over the air corporate profile deployment), the device will need to be backed up and a factory reset (device wipe) must be performed.  See below for the instructions.

Apple Device Back-up and Factory Reset Process:


 Device is backed up via iTunes or iCloud.

 User apps and data are backed up on hard drive or in the cloud

 Bell can then enroll the device(s) in DEP

 End user can now restore the device again using iTunes/iCloud

Email and PIM data will be hosted on the employer’s Corporate server (Exchange or Lotus Notes) and this data will be restored  once the device’s corporate profile is set

7) Does the Apple device have to be active in order for the DEP enrollment to be completed by Bell/Authorized Bell Dealer?  Yes the IMEI must be active on the Bell network and have a phone number assigned to it.