Depending on whether you have a text messaging plan and what type of plan it is, you may have to pay a per-message fee for some of the text messages you send and receive. The fees for incoming and outgoing text messages vary by sender, origin or destination.

As a Bell Mobility customer, your risk of receiving and having to pay for unwanted text messages (or spam) is very low because Bell Mobility does not give out customers’ mobile numbers to any third-party sources unless we have prior consent from you. Furthermore, Bell Mobility employs rigorous spam filters.

However, if you notice you've been charged for unsolicited messages, you can call 1 800 667-0123 or email us at We will review and remove any related text messaging charges that are invalid.

Here are some ways to help yourself:

  • To stop getting alerts, reply to the unwanted text message with the word STOP.
  • While incoming text cannot be turned off, it may be possible to turn off your phone’s ability to send and receive messages altogether. Your phone’s user guide can tell you how. To find your guide, please visit the phones and accessories page and choose your phone model.